No, this is not the title of a Z-movie, but it's about two utterly different therapeuthic methods

The first offers cure and recovery thanks to a specific diet linked to the blood group :

( see the works of doctor d'ADAMO, he explains why a food can be good for a blood group and disastrous for another).

The other, prescription of drugs by physicians lead to tens of thousands of deaths every year in the USA, without taking into account the numberless sideeffects and diseases (caused by drugs) which require further drugs supposed to thwart the side effects of the first drugs.

The only in good health is the pharmaceutical industry, not the patient.

Some patients can take 4,5,6 or even more drugs at the same time, it's a one-way trip to the morgue.

General practitioners prescribe dangerous psychotic drugs (sleeping pills and tranquilizers)to patients who are a bit depressed or anxious.

This kind of pills cause serious damaging effects to the brain, you can become amnesic or suffer loss of memory, just after the fourth or fifth intake.

The conventional medecine has never cured any cancer, the chemotherapy is a swindle.

However, there are natural and efficient treatments, even against the cancer.

The bloodtype-linked diet

Purposes :

-To prevent the bacterial and viral affections

- To lose weight by elimination of toxinsand greases

-Prevention of the diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc....

-To slow down ageing 

If you want to get rid of drugs, please e-mail me a message in which you 'll be telling me your blood type and your pathology.

I will e-mail you the best natural cure and the list of foods which are compatible with your blood type, free of charge

As soon as you manage to stop taking drugs, please give me an acknowledgement of receipt