Food and Blood type

The diet related to the blood group, was proven, scientifically tested clinically on thousands of cases and confirmed in laboratory and it is based on discoveries in immunology.

The observation according to which certain food has a lectin (generally a protein) being able to interact with the antigens of a blood group, some lectins will attack the organization of a blood group and not another, from where the notable differences in the effects observed in individuals with the different blood group for the same food.

Thus a vegetarian diet, if it is appropriate to the individuals of group A, will not be indicated for group O or B.

Objective of the diet related to the blood group:

- To prevent the bacterial and viral affections

- To lose weight by elimination of toxins and greases

- Prevention of the diseases mortals such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc....

- To slow down ageing

If you wish other explanations or have questions concerning this diet, though I do not like this word of diet, because people often reject what does not succeed to them, they are the doctors/nutritionists badly informed and the advertising hype which pushes them to feed according to the standard x% from proteins, x% of lipids, x% of glucids whereas this distribution is secondary and neglects the most important: the blood group of the patient.



ANTIGEN: Any chemical substance whose contact with the immune system causes the production of antibody.

The chemical markers who determine the blood groups are regarded as antigens since their introduction into another blood group generates antibodies in their opposition.

LECTINE: Any substance likely to interact with the antigens of surface of the cells of the organization to cause a process of agglutination.

One finds lectines in food and much of them only one or certain blood groups attacks;

Example of useful lectines: those of edible snail binds the cancer cells of the breast cancer.

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