Food supplements

A food varied and in accordance with your blood group should be enough to bring to you the whole of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) essential to the good performance of the organization.

However, the intensive farming containing manure and of pesticides and an overexploited ground generates deficits that only complements can stage, not counting the lack of taste and pleasure to introduce this kind of food.

Eat organic if you can afford

Here the principal ones:

The royal jelly

The "rolls" or "Ferrari" of the supplements when it is collected by professionals.

The royal jelly is secreted by the glands pharyngiennes "working" bees and constitutes the single food of the queen who can live up to 5 years, contrary to the workers whose life expectancy does not exceed 5 to 6 weeks for the worker of summer.

In addition to the contribution in vitamins B and minerals, it contains proteins: the royalisine and the acid 10 - hydroxy-2-decenoic whose role in the activation of immunizing defenses was proven in various scientific studies

One notes also a renewal of "wellness" certainly subjective but O how much important in these times disorders.

To benefit from these benefits, the ideal is to take it pure with jeun, and to preserve it at the fridge with MAXIMUM 2┬░.

The field of main last Chezellesest in the harvest of the royal jelly and it is of excellent quality.

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The vitamin C

Contrary to the animals which synthesize this vitamin starting from glucose naturally, the human being is obliged to resort to external sources to ensure its survival.

Most general-purpose of the vitamins and whose catch, contrary to the generally accepted ideas supports the sleep by reduction in the stress.

Do not hesitate to supplement you in vitamin C of natural origin, if you feel tired or insomniac.

G&G and SOLGAR proposes natural vitamin C exit of the cynorhodon (bay resulting from the wild rose and wild rose tree) proportioned well, count with minima 500 Mg with 1g/jour so that Ci is effective.

The Vitamin E

Liposoluble vitamin which intervenes in the process of repairing the cells and whose spectrum of action is almost as broad as the vitamin C.

Antioxydant, anti-inflammatory drug, and even anticoagulant so taken in sufficient quantity, count with 600mg/jour minima, so that it has a therapeutic effect.

Also, contrary to the medicamentous anticoagulants (kardegic, aspirine, ....), it does not generate side effects but on the contrary reinforces the immune system and attenuates the pains by a better oxygenation of the brain.

Natural source of vitamin E: vegetable oils, walnut, seeds, oilseeds..........

Before you fall in apathy because of the phenomenal quantities you should gulp down to obtain the quantity of vitamin E required, I have good news (Indeed, that arrives: -)

the synthesis vitamin E is almost also effective (it is enough rare to underline it and I take every day of them) that the natural sources and will find you for a moderate price of 3.70 euros the box of 30 capsules in pharmacy (TOCO500) without ordinance.

For the patients whose blood is too thick, envisage a 2 capsules/day catch, as well as hawthorn (in phytotherapy) for the cardiovascular system, most good pharmacies sell some too.

Of course, this catch must be accompanied by the stop of the conventional treatment under penalty of not having sufficient coagulant factor.

Other food fluxes blood (garlic for example, beneficial for all the blood groups)


The lithotamne is a oceanic marine alga rich in rock salt and alkaline trace elements, carbonate of calcium in great proportion but also magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium.

Excellent re-mineralizing, it also contributes to improve digestion.

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The Vitamin D (calciferol)

Produced naturally by the organization starting from cholesterol thanks to the solar exposure, this vitamin is known for its role in the fixing of calcium on the bones but recent research showed that she prevented also the appearance of certain cancers and contributed to the good performance of the cardiovascular system.

The inhabitants of the not very sunny areas draw advantage from a supplementation in vitamin D.


This list is not complete, but it is with my direction, the principal complements whose spectrum of action is broadest.


Magnesium is an essential mineral which intervenes in 300 biochemical reactions. It contributes to electrolytic balance, the energy metabolism, the muscular function, the protein synthesis, the maintenance of the bones and much, much of other essential functions.

The magnesium deficit is very current

you will find on Internet and in pharmacy any kinds of magnesium;

Choose it the most natural possible and the organic assimilable one. There exists also the Cal-Mag, a combination of 2 essential minerals in a very assimilable form, gluconate of calcium and magnesium carbonate as well as a little cider vinegar to reinforce the assimilation, one needs a slightly acid medium indeed (temporary) to assimilate them.

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