Medicine of the habitat

Each dwelling, place, ground emit a certain energy in the form of beneficial or harmful waves and can thus influence, even deteriorate the health of the living organisms in the vicinity or rather directly above (position of the bed) these zones known as causing discomfort and diseases.

The old ones knew this "science" (geobiology) and the Romans, before setting up a temple or a residence on a ground, let feed of the sheep during 1 year then to kill them and examine their internal organs to know the state of their health.

if the liver of several of them revealed some anomaly, the architect decided to change ground; it was a reasonable evidence of the presence of zones harmful, likely to make sick the inhabitants of the future residence.

In the same way the builders of cathedral, or temples inspected the zone to be built to detect possible geomagnetic disturbances there.

"Unexplained" health problems various and varied like insomnia, of the repeated anginas, an evil being and even cancer can actually find their explanation in the harmful radiation generated by anomalies of the basement.

We will index the principal ones:

Harmful radiations: underground waterways, badly drained marshes, wet or dry faults, underground caves and caves, radioactive minerals; underground galleries, old sewers, pits, tombs, careers and cemeteries unused as well as the current nuisances such as electric wires, tubes and drain underground, discharges, electronic devices such as TV, mobile phone, microwave, heating appliances to resistance.

The HARTMANN network of the name of a German doctor who was persuaded that the health of people was closely related to the place where they slept and carried on their activity; he approximately discovered the existence of a cosmo-telluric grid in the North-South and East-West direction made up of squares of 2 m out of 2 m50 (fluctuates according to the latitude) square whose edge consists of 21 cm broad invisible walls approximately.

This net surrounds the whole earth and is present basement until in cosmos, it noted that plumb with a "wall" (edge of the square), a certain radiation emanated but whose power was however insufficient to generate health problems, on the other hand with the intersection of 2 "walls" thus the point of a square, the radiation was sufficient to cause disorders, even diseases at the people which slept plumb with such a zone, zones geopathogene or differently called "HARTMANN node".

Memory of the places: cursed places where crimes, scenes of violence, experiments animal or slaughter-houses proceeded

Waves of form: certain furniture, objects, paintings, statues can emit harmful waves and sometimes were even designed to this end (headstock voodoo for example);

The solution very often lies in a refitting of the furniture and the positioning of the bed on a "neutral" zone,

If you are unaware of how to proceed, do not hesitate to call a professional geobiologist, you will be getting a better health and life.

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