Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)

This cheap product, is at the same time powerful and of an unequalled versatility.

Already used under ancient Egypt in a derived form under the name of Natron (as a conservative), the bicarbonate is used as cleaning, disinfecting, fungicidal, insecticidal, cooks some to neutralize the acidity of certain dishes as in the pastes of many desserts (count 1 coffee spoon for 500g flour) and especially for its therapeutic virtues.

In addition to its usual indication as digestive for which it is sold most of the time, the bicarbonate alkalizes blood, environment in which the viruses and other disease-causing agents cannot survive.

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Here what Doctor OTTO.H WARBURG says :

Dr.Otto H Warburg, Old Nobel Prize and Doctor of medicine of world famous, discovered that the true cause of cancer was summarized with a simple insufficiency of oxygen in the human organism.

Sodium bicarbonate

Therapeutic class


If, next autumn, one offers vaccination against the influenza to you, rather than to play Russian roulette with your health, refuse it and ask your physician to prescribe you baking soda sachet (pure at 100%) sold in drugstore (2.70 pounds/pound), and buys an organic package of lemons.

As soon as the first symptoms of influenza or other, 1 half coffee spoon of baking soda mixed with the juice of a half-lemon a day (the lemon becomes alkaline after digestion) will erase the symptoms quickly.

That associated with food compatible with your blood group and you will spend the winter in good health and drug-free.


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