The health benefits of the negatives ions

We saw that it was possible to restore the health of the patient while modifying:

1- Its place of life (refitting of the furniture and especially of the bed) thanks to the ancestral knowledge of the geobiology.

2- Its food by the adoption of the consistent diet to its blood group, as well as the catch of supplements making up for deficiencies inherent in the intensive farming.

3 let us approach now the 3rd and last part evoked by HIPPOCRATES, namely the air and its main component: Oxygen.

The therapeutic and/or doping virtues of the negative ions (or anions) were many times highlighted during serious studies and this since the years 1930, since the German submarines were equipped by artificial ionizers to cleanse the air and because as of calming effects and energizers of the negative ions.

With due respect to certain detractors of official medicine, it is not about placebo effect, under negative ions the tests carried out on rats show a clear increase in the performances to find the exit of a labirynthe, all the more marked effect as the pilot rats are old.

These experiments come to corroborate felt (partly subjective) of human witnesses placed in natural places (to better be and fuller breathing)

Here a summary table of the effects of the negative ions on human physiology:

Allergy/asthma/rhinitides: improvement

Heart and vessels: deceleration of the heart rate, lowers hypertension, increase in hypotension, the migraines are less frequent, decreased risk of thrombosis.

Stomach: lower gastric acidity and less frequency of the ulcers.

Endocrine glands: hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, sexual glands suprarenals glands see their secretions increasing, one notes also an improvement of the general metabolism.

Skin: the cicatrization of the wounds and burns is accelerated, skin diseases and decreased fall of hair.

Lungs: reduction in the rate of respiration and increase in the bronchial permeability

Psychism: - reduction in the anxiety and tiredness.

- Improvement of the training, the sleep, and the performances physics and sexual, recovery with the effort is faster.

- Better control of the stress.

Rheumatisms: reduction in the pain and sedimentation test, less frequent crises of osteoarthritis by increase in cortisol.


- Fall: acidity, glycemia, cholesterol, viscosity  

-rise of cortisol.

- Stimulation of immunizing defenses.

Because of the holistic character  (which includes all the functions of the organization) of a therapy with the negative ions as ionization of environment or better (more marked effects) per direct inhalation, this mode of treatment  was wrongfully ignored, disparaged and relegated to the oubliettes by the medical Establishment which did not have, does not have, and will never  find any benefits in patients curing naturally without the chemical poisons of Big Pharma.

At the healthy subjects, negative ionization allows:

- An increase in the muscular force, endurance and reflexes.

- A less feeling of the pain to the effort

- A deceleration of the heart rate

- Less exam nerves

- A faster recovery after the effort

It should be noted that these results are got by direct inhalation, ionization of environment substituent the night and on the long run.

Within this framework, the choice of the ionisor and his power of emission in ions is paramount, because the concentration in negative ions strongly decrease while moving away from its frontage, because of their recombination with the positive ions (harmful) and dust present in the air.

The ideal would consist of a device whose ionic flow would be highest possible

Assistance with the choice of a ionisor

The Atmostat company proposes very powerful and safe ionizers:

It is however possible to get less powerful ionizers at less price for small volumes (15/20 Square meters): Axtek company.

Certain ionizers in addition offer a receptacle to essentials oils to reinforce their therapeutic effect or simply to deodorize a part and to create a particular olfactive environment. (odor of pine, eucalyptus, orange, etc .....)

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